Entry level training to Nursing Home Administrators

Elder Care Certificate

Made for entry-level to seasoned professionals, the Elder Care Certificate demonstrates your commitment to elder care. 

The Elder Care Certificate is a step in learning the foundations of aging services and the unique health needs of older adults. In this 16-hour course, discover:

  • The physical, mental, and emotional aspects of aging
  • The rewarding caregiving experience
  • How to unleash your inner leader
  • Tools to enhance critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and effective teamwork

Upon passing the course, you will receive an official Elder Care Certification. High school students can also receive four Industry Recognized Credentials.

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STNA Certification

State Tested Nurse Aides (STNAs) are an invaluable part of the circle of care for many individuals and families. STNAs can work in hospitals, skilled nursing or assisted living facilities, hospices, or even in private in-home care. STNAs have a unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with clients while also developing new skill sets that can offer future opportunities in elder care.

Many facilities pay for STNA training and others should reimburse for the expense within 12 months. 

LeaderStat Med Tech Certification

The number of Medication Aides (or Med Techs) has doubled in Ohio since 2021.

Medication Aides are a valuable part of the team. Administering medication to senior residents is one of the most important pieces of care in a nursing home, and the process is time-consuming. Medication Aides can focus on this task, which frees up nurses to do the most important parts of their job and allows for better quality care all-around.

LeadingAge Ohio partner, Leaderstat, created an Ohio Board of Nursing approved Medication Aide Certification (MA-C) course that prepares students to administer medications in nursing centers across the state of Ohio. The course includes a combination of in-classroom learning as well as on-site clinical training and is taught by a seasoned RN Clinical Instructor that brings 34 years of long-term care experience to the classroom. 

Leadership Academy

Are you ready to level up as a leader?

Designed to enhance leadership capacity, this member-exclusive academy produces effective leaders in aging services through collaborative course work that focuses on development, mentorship, and self-exploration. Leaders in the program will grow their skills and talents in authentic leadership, building strong partnerships and teams, and transitioning into dynamic change agents that innovate their organizational structures. 

Graduates have credited the multi-month academy with getting them excited about moving forward in their career and noted the academy’s ability to help them understand and implement unique aspects of leadership and what’s best for their organization.

Nursing Home Administrator

Core of Knowledge Nursing Home Administrator Training

Once per year, LeadingAge Ohio provides The Core of Knowledge – the course designed specifically for the Administrator-In- Training (AIT) participant. This course meets the special academic requirement set by BELTSS for qualifying to take the state licensure board examination. The content of the course is designed to provide information and promote understanding that will lead to more effective performance in the administration of long-term care.